Hit or Myth - testing life hacks with science!

We get bombarded with advice, tips and tricks, but do they actually work? We need your help to find out.

What is 'Hit or Myth' all about?

Find out more about our fab citizen science project.

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Do copper coins prolong the life of flowers? Tell us you results.

Follow this link to submit your results to the flower challenge.

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Why not design your own Hit or Myth experiment?

Have you got a question and an idea about how you might go about answering it?

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How might stainless steel get rid of garlic smells?

Dr Jo Buckley tells us the chemistry  behind the way stainless steel could remove garlic smells. The medical properties of garlic were recognised over 5000 years ago. It’s provides a triple-whammy of effectiveness. It’s an antimicrobial – studies have found it effective at reducing bacterial infections. It’s an antiviral – helping to fight viruses and parasites

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